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IntelliCap showed us we were a much richer proposition and that instead of being a TCO reduction story, our real value is being a Global Human Capital Agility story.

~  Jeff Pulver VP Marketing - Workday

Get the right data in the hands of the right buyer to make the right decision.

SaaS buyers have financial skills and a good understanding of their operation and organization, but lack the ability to translate a solution's impact on their company's key financial metrics.

The market needed a way to identify, quantify, calculate and articulate in a CFO-credible manner, whether a SaaS solution offered a substantial, compelling and rapid financial impact that was superior to the other investment options for capital allocation.


Enter IntelliCap...


According to the Gartner Group, only 8% of customers believe Vendor produced ROI studies. The market demands Independent financial analysis and the expertise associated with a market pioneer.


  • Customers are demanding their SaaS solution vendors provide tangible evidence of three specific value propositions: Technical, Business, & Financial​

  • SaaS CFOs and Investors realized that free cash flow and profitability result from optimizing the gross margin operating leverage in the expansion

  • Customer success organizations need tools to build the value data points that will drive their Customer Success Roadmaps and critical revenue expansions

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  • Driven over $6 billion in total contract value for SaaS clients 

  • Delivery of over 6500 Value Assessments and Value Realizations to justify net new acquisitions, subscription renewals and expansions

  • Development of CVM programs for 100+SaaS clients

  • Rapid speed to broad utilization by sales (75% within 3 years)

  • Success rate of 82% of pipeline opportunities integrating IntelliCap close

  • Sale process elevation of 66-75% of pipeline opportunities rise to the Economic Buyer level

  • Deal size growth: 25% of pipeline opportunities grow by 50-200%

  • Typical impact on cost of sales: 20% reduction due to fewer technology resources applied and more compelling business value evidence presented


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With an average of 35 years of executive experience, our team skill sets include the following:


  • Senior operating executives with roles including CFO, COO, CEO, CMO and Chairman of the Board

  • Reporting to sitting on or chairing Boards of Directors

  • Excess of $200MM in successful equity and debt capital raises

  • Public and private company experience

  • Liquidity events including successful sales, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures

  • Industry experience in software, technology services, financial services, and specialty markets

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SaaS vendors have made attempts to develop tools to calculate the value of their solution but they often miss the target because they are:

  • Arm's length independence and third-party validation

  • Co-stakeholder development model for analysis construction

  • Map SaaS value to customer business drivers, strategy and key financial metrics

  • Antithesis of vendor-produced "ROI-in-a-Box"


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As an IntelliCap customer, I have leveraged their expertise to build a bridge between our solutions, business value and the impact on the customer's business strategy.  We were able to give our customers the data they needed to show the potential or realized value of the solution.   IntelliCap Value Assessments were a cornerstone of our sales playbooks for our largest deals, and a requirement for any six-figure deal at all of my companies.  At Adobe, there was a five-year stretch where the largest deal done globally each year included the IntelliCap Value Assessments! 

~ Sydney Sloan, CMO, SalesLoft & three-time IntelliCap customer

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