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Founded in 2002 as the original architects of the SAP Value Engineering Program, IntelliCap has grown from an initial role of developing deeply credible pre-sales business cases to justify new software subscriptions, to the Customer Value Management Platform - quantifying SaaS value throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


SaaS companies need to execute on many levels including delivering predictable revenue, lowering cost of sales, defending pricing, elevating their engagements to the Economic Buyer levels, have a compelling value proposition that demonstrates a rapid and substantial payback, and enabling the sales teams to deliver on all of the above.  The IntelliCap Customer Value Management Platform designs, develops, delivers and supports leading SaaS companies to fulfill these critical needs and get-to-market producing free cash flow and profitability in a manner and timeline expected by investors, markets, and ultimately the customer.


The clients and prospects of SaaS companies need tangible evidence of value to marshal the resources and internal support from key constituents to ensure successful outcomes. They need to map the functionality of a proposed SaaS solution to the execution of the corporate strategy and demonstrate the necessary favorable impacts on key financial metrics.  They also need experts - and an industry leader - to help them translate use case and functional value to tangible financial and business value.


Selling only technical value to Technical Buyers puts a ceiling on the average sale price, revenue growth, value proposition, and ultimately, the company valuation.


"Capital is finite and the opportunities to invest are infinite" - help your customers choose wisely and choose you.


The success rate with IntelliCap Value Assessments for either net new sales or account expansions is 82%.  IntelliCap's success rate with Value Realizations for subscription renewals is 98%.

Enable your sales team and your customers to succeed - and let IntelliCap "Build the Math Behind the Message."


As a Global Sales Ops Executive, I have made IntelliCap a cornerstone of my GTM and Sales Enablement and as a result they have driven over $600MM in TCV for my companies.


~ Jeff Russakow, SVP Global Sales Operations and three-time client at SAP, Adobe and Symantec

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