How to scale and leverage your quantified value ...

IntelliCap is passionate about serving clients, and serving clients well.  We offer our services to SaaS clients and global technology buyers, described below.

SaaS clients


Pre-Sales Analysis

  • Increase Average Revenue Per Transaction by demonstrating compelling Value-to-Cost Ratio

  • Sell Effectively to the Economic Buyers

  • Reduce your Sales Cycle

  • Reduce your Cost of Sales

  • Justify your solution over other competitors and other technologies fighting for the same budget dollars


Post-Sales/Deployment Analysis

  • Prove your Value Delivered to your clients

  • Establish linkage between Value Forecasted and Value Realized

  • Establish a platform for account expansion

  • Develop compelling content for Case Studies, Customer Reference Programs, Demand Generation, Sales Process Momentum builds


Designed for Recurring Revenue Models

  • Increase contract renewal and retention rates

  • Establish Standard of Measuring Value Realized by customer 6 months prior to Contract Renewal

  • Provide rationale for continuance of Contract

  • Provide rationale for expansion of Contract to new Users, Departments, Divisions, Enterprise-wide



  • Compare ratio of price to value quantified following first dozen Value Assessments

  • Pricing ratio should fall between 4:1 and 8:1 varying with desired length of sales cycle

  • If ratio is higher, your pricing may be too low

  • If ratio is lower, then your pricing may be too high


  • Design and develop Quantified Financial Value to incorporate into lead generation content and Insides Sales scripting


  • Value Calculators for small transactions, channel partners, Inside Sales, short-cycle sales

  • Pro-Forma Value Assessments to establish first layer of potential financial value to be received

  • "Selling to Economic Buyers" Sales Training

  • Rapid Value Assessments – 30 to 60 minute customer interviews resulting in a high-level value assessment


Global Technology Buyers


  • Complete technology value framework constructed

  • Mapping of value to reduction in cost of operations

  • Measured impacts on business process efficiencies created

  • Measured impacts on realizable productivity gains

  • Definitions and execution potentials of Business Strategy objectives

  • CFO defined impacts on key financial metrics

In the past eleven years, as an executive leading sales strategy, operations and ultimately as CRO, I've always designed my GTM and sales processes around precision, scale and repeatability.  Integrating IntelliCap Customer  Value Management has given me the tangible financial evidence of value I need to convert prospects to clients rapidly, richly and at higher total contract values.

~ Chris Lyon, CRO at Model N and three-time IntellICap customer

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