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IntelliCap is passionate about driving customer success in the buying cycle and expanding the value in its customer roadmaps.  With more than 60 years of experience behind our managing partners, we welcome the opportunity to foster your company's goals.

Fostering Success
Fostering Customer Success in the Buying Cycle


  • How are you helping your customers succeed in their buying cycle?

  • Do you know in detail their required criteria for technical business and financial success?

  • Does your account plan include all the needs and drivers for all of the key constituents?

  • How do you help your customers build their deployment plan based on value?


These are some of the questions IntelliCap can help you answer with their Value Assessments.  Our Value Assessment results and impacts include:

  • Forecasting value to be received from the proposed solution

  • Delivering the critical tangible evidence of value to each of the key personas

  • Controlling your sales process by engaging in richer discovery

  • Executing your account strategy by successfully engaging the Economic and Business Buyers

"Build the Math Behind the Message" and prove your value at every step to every profile buyer.

Expanding the Value in the Customer Success Roadmap


Meeting and exceeding the growth objectives expected by your Board, investors and employees in the SaaS industry is dependent upon this key element.


This requires the evolution of your customer success team from being focused on adoption, ticket resolution, functionality, training and project plans to the alignment of your solutions with the execution of the customer's business objectives, the measurement of your impacts and the realignment of resources to optimize value and success.

Our five point strategy for fostering success includes:

  1. Discover and establish concurrence of the customer business strategy with an IntelliCap point of view  

  2. Build the starting point for measuring success - forecast the value to be received with an IntelliCap Value Assessment

  3. Measure the value delivered (forensics) with the IntelliCap Value Realization

  4. Align resources to fill the value gap between forecast and delivery to optimize success with value governance

  5. Optimize the gross margin leverage that can be realized in your expansion strategy

Expanding Value
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In pursuit of empowering our customers with the most robust of resources, IntelliCap has partnered with Customer Imperative, the leading customer success design, develop and deliver consulting firm.


Customer Imperative helps companies scale revenue by deploying customer success teams, processes and technology. With a deep focus on B2B SaaS, we serve CEOs, CROs, COOs and Customer Success leaders to help grow revenue faster while improving the customer experience. Companies that partner with Customer Imperative see immediate returns in revenue growth, customer retention and customer lifecycle management.  

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As a Chief Revenue Officer and IntelliCap client, I've designed my organization, strategy, enablement and client engagements around driving Use Cases and functionality into a tight linkage with the execution of our customers specific business objectives.  Quantifying the impact of that linkage and delivery of value with IntelliCap, puts our Business value proposition into the language and actionable data format of the CFO.

 ~ Chris Lee, CRO, and three-time IntelliCap client

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