In my various roles as CRO and Managing Director of Vertical Markets, I have always run my business with a Playbook whose foundation was aligning the value drivers of our Use Cases and functionality with the quantified impact on the clients P&L and the execution of their business strategy.  My architect and delivery Partner for that critical service and expertise has always been IntelliCap.

~ Patric Wiesmann, Managing Director and General Manager HealthCare Vertical and four-time IntelliCap client

IntelliCap strives to provide the best practices for customers, and understands that the below are just a few of the top topics covered in consultations.  Hover over any box below to see IntelliCap's response to key questions from clients.

Cost of Sales in Excess

of Revenue Produced

Ceiling on Buyer Access - troubles calling high

No Decisions -

Maybes are killing us

Elongated Sales Cycles

Extended Technical Sales Discussions

Nice to Have Versus

Need to Have

Pricing Defense/
Excessive Discounting

Too Few Business Discussions

Insufficient Calls to Action in Demand Gen

IntelliCap has been critical to my success as a VP Sales by being the lead partner driving us successfully to the Economic Buyers and delivering board-level analyses and sophisticated executive summary presentations. 

~ Paul Owen, Senior VP Sales and Head of Corporate Development and three-time IntelliCap customer

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